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NerdOut, a content site about Star Wars, Anime, Movies, Games and things that nerd’s at heart care about. We strive to deliver content that’s entertaining and keep you up to date on cool new products!

Audience focuses on the news
and information that supports the interests our audience has around Star Wars, Anime, Movies and Games.


Our audience expands internationally. Within our targeted audience of Star Wars, Anime, Movies and Games. We have over 103,000+ followers on Instagram, Facebook, Website, Email and overall we exceed 110,000+ across all of our channels each month.
Our current reach is through our main platform all of our platforms including Website, Instagram, Facebook, Email and more! Combined we have over 110,000+ followers. Star Wars, Anime, Movies and Games are the sought after hot topics on Instagram today.

"There's a lot of things I nerd out over. Quantum Mechanics. 

I also love Dungeons and Dragons. I want to be an astronaut."

- Analeigh Tipton

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